Girl “My hobbies are Well … game ///” around “Heh surprising!” Wai (got a)

1: nameless 2017/12/03 (Sun) 17:23:35 ID: ibH Girl "recently has been doing Metal Gear Toka ... harmonic" Wai (Do Ikeru ceased suffer Wai and round) Wai "Etoeto Well Etoeto !!!! Wawawa Wai Mou Tsu fuse hit! Favorite game!'re doing! Wawawa Wai also did the same guy! All!" Girl "For example, eh? But it was so ..." Schiller What and this Girl [Sad news] reaction wwww when taught me her annual income 4.2 million (25) (34) [Yeah ...] I'm in possession of gold over accounting 12000 yen drank from noon at the girl and the tavern, but ... College students Wai "..." Tokotoko around the girls (calibration ~~~~ wwwwww) [Impact] there is no connection from take me to the cave in the first date wwwwww [Good news] off meeting 0 girls is TV wwwwwwwwwwww
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