[Duly] Yumi Makino, break the announcer activities.

That opportunity is, but program reorganization of TOKYO MX. Makino had appeared on the news program "TOKYO MX NEWS" from April. But, reportedly replace all the performers in the autumn of program reorganization in July, it referred to was shocked. On the other hand, Makino-san look back on life, this is considered a "turning point of my life", she decided to "try to find a different way. Quit it." Also quit belong to entertainment office St. force, announcer activities were revealed once "break" Then. Makino is two and a half years since I came to Tokyo, information program "Mezamashi aqua" (Fuji TV), variety "carefully heard Taro ~ Stars recent (secret) report -" (TV Tokyo), further news programs and radio , also appeared on the program of AbemaTV. Makino-san, "but far from taken spear, and let me do it all genres as announcer" or thought. When the radio is in the announcer the end of the work, he told while becoming to cry. For the future, not decided yet, go and things moving and put in the option to work in private companies from the rest for a while. In the program late "also in a different world, we will work hard" and leave a message, it had been concluded. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://news.livedoor.com/lite/article_detail/13721636/ Maki Okafuku, or falling asleep during live broadcast Asahi Shimbun, "North Korea's missile coverage of television stations have come up with a criticism of the" excess "" Maki Okafuku Ana, misreading the north-northwest and "yellow Taki snail" wwwwww PS4 of "Everybody's Golf" is Fuji TV Mezamashi and collaboration wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Women's Ana our embarrassing misreading wwwwwwwwwww "Hidaritohidarida" → "Sada Sato", "Obituaries" → "tremendously" "old Nakasendo" → "all day long mountain road"
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