[Despair] Kanna Hashimoto’s, there is no sign of lose weight

1: If the blows wind nameless @ (^ o ^) / 2017/07/28 ( gold) 16: 04: 44.47 ID: 2rv46Qtd0.net [Despair] Kanna Hashimoto's, there is no sign of lose weight [Sad news] should Matsui of visual second place TamaRina's, is humiliated in Kanna Hashimoto's Kanna Hashimoto-san, as a result of the highest shopping in life → Kanna Hashimoto-san, was not always had fat [Good news] Kanna Hashimoto's "Nau date with her." Piggybacking on Kanna Hashimoto's body weight coral wwwwwwwww
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