Kura Sushi, according to the information disclosure of the writing of the bulletin board that was slander their →

Major sushi chain food and drink companies "Kura Corporation" of listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which operates the "enzyme-free Kura Sushi" is, providers trader sued the "Sony Network Communications (Sonnet)", the expression "enzyme-free on the Internet bulletin board is cheating stinking ruling ", such as a lawsuit, which asked for information disclosure of the person written by the 12 days, was the Tokyo District court. Masatoshi Miyasaka judge the "writing is not intended to reduce the reputation of Kurasha, even reducing if not illegality because of the public benefit to write" as dismissed claims. According to the ruling, March 2016, on the bulletin board dealing with stock information, such as the advocate someone to use the sonnet of providers "This is enzyme-free saddle (slogan), but, have written what is a non-hydrogenated no. frying oil or is what's, only the one. fructose glucose is to say that none of either. chemical seasoning that contains silicone has entered. cheating smell. place a real place. commercially available from China eel sauce is and always contains fructose glucose. myself not only written conveniently in "written and so on. Kurasha side "to reduce the social evaluation of their own, could affect the stock price," as, request the disclosure of personal information to the sonnet side. "On which not only write opinions and commentary, truth's" Sonnet side as, showed the attitude of that there is no need to disclose. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://www.sankei.com/affairs/news/170412/afr1704120027-n1.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2hIh6uJNL8 "Oh, this guy life become fine Do wwwww" guy of the features that made me 125cc bike bought I was Chima' also ran 6000 kilometers in two months but wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Your name is, 14.5 billion breakthrough! Emergency, wwwwww to JuMasaru hunting Ryutaro NONOMURA (50) "Hyogo Prefectural Assembly, and accused me only, the other person or not to sue?" 400,000 of radio-controlled 100km also received radio waves When you buy Warota wwwwwwwwwww
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