GameCube Console – Indigo

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GameCube is Nintendo’s first video game console to access game data from a disk, not a cartridge. The processor and disk drive perform together at lightening speed to make load times imperceptible. This stylish system gives developers the creative power to get great results far more quickly than with any other format. Other cutting-edge features guarantee that the Nintendo GameCube can easily adapt to future technology. The GameCube is not intended to join the ranks of the multimedia systems, but to offer the pure, sweet excitement of — quite simply — gaming. It’s all about the games. Includes Console, Power Cable, AV Cable, and Indigo Controller for Nintendo GameCube
The 485 MHz processor makes loading and starting the games faster than ever-no more long load times
The processor creates 6 to 12 million polygons per second-no more slowdowns in the middle of the game
Supports instructions for incredible effects-your games will be brighter, faster, and more dramatic
It also includes 64 sound channels-you’ll feel like you’ re in the game, with the top-quality audio

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