[Image] There is of me and the original Kano LINE Warota wwwwwwww

1: The following, (^ o ^) / You will receive a VIP 2017/03/27 (Mon) 07: 39: 39.003 ID: a40m16580.net Class of gal "Wye Well, you have seen my Twitter?" Wye "!? Look, do not look ..." The degree of difficulty of love not too high? Although it was Tsu district personnel department because city officials had been eating rice in the set meal shop in time after 1 of noon It's there artery because I pleased When you praise a woman of super cash register? I "This want Naa N ...? This guy, Do w good reluctant to simultaneous exhibition in Yahoo! Auctions and Merukari and Rakuma, or wwwww I'll buy at the same time" Poti
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