[Animation] Robocop running start in Dubai.

1: Kidokuratchi @ (^ o ^) / 2017/03/24 ( gold) 00: 06: 20.35 ID: ? 5WYsiQRE0.net PLT In Dubai it is introduced robot police officer from May this year. Arabian Business reported. The proposal to place the robot police officer was first announced in Dubai 2015. Robot is able to interact with people using a screen and microphone that are connected to the Dubai police of the call center. Robot to master a variety of language can respond to questions. The report or to the police in the robot, fine payment, that can also be such as a document submitted to the law enforcement agencies. The robot was presented at the exhibition GITEX, which was held in Dubai last year. In addition to the Dubai born modern police station that runs until 2030 without human help, about one-quarter of the entire police staff becomes the robot is in Dubai. https://jp.sputniknews.com/science/201703213456014/ Animation https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/805802490633535489/pu/vid/720x1280/ZdGnnLTSqhNrUhit.mp4 [Image] There Ferrari "I want to ride to young people" new car announcement was the concept of wwwwwwwwwwwwwww To an altitude of 1000m in ⇒ jet pack trying to do extinguishing of Dubai's high-rise buildings should you fly a firefighter (with video) Tokyo, are plotting the construction of a tower of 1,700m wwww ♀ (23) "I'm talented! Figures also top! Any idiot boss quit work because not me rate!" What in the are against me people of immigrant opposite?
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