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1: Half Nelson Suplex @ (^ o ^) / 2017/03/03 ( gold) 12: 36: 47.34 ID: kT0SsXF40 ● Cute and rave reviews in the waddle in Stiletto it is not wearing "Heel you are, walk not Toko is the cutest " "What is? Not familiar Suzu Hirose Moe was ............... what that Stiletto ...... cute ............" "Cute also feeling not accustomed to walk Suzu Hirose of the heel." "Feeling you are not familiar wear Suzu Hirose of heel is irresistibly cute." "Suzu Hirose not accustomed to wear heel cute" ↓ Then, "I saw a video that walking pounding runway wearing Stiletto " condemnation flooded "Roughly man of Suzu Hirose is saying sure enough cute When you search for" tin-heel "while Innovation little irritated to see the lucky Gras in Stiletto" "Suzu Hirose appeal people who believe not been accustomed Stiletto, I there not? Why, because models do (laughs)." "I am walking normally stage in Suzu Hirose Stiletto, reverse not a tapir I can not walk wearing Anna's to model for? That's big time even though it has already been inconsistent (laughs) I thought Suzu Hirose idiot" Hate a Seriously is Azatoi feel dodder intentionally walked to Hettakuso in the heel when you imitate like a blouson Chiemi at the time of the Sha But really I'm sorry Bekuri I think I "Suzu Hirose man a ~ wonder is struck from love ~~ absolutely deliberately (laughs) (laughs) (laughs) (laughs) " "I never wore Stiletto, Is it really hate I'm wearing it several times was people good just do not know that recording." "It has been frustrating to remember I'm on purpose of Sachiko of NANA I watched Suzu Hirose Stiletto, I once suffering from curse to taste hell like a pain in the shoe sore case of emergency woman get dullsville lie of shoe-related." "Suzu Hirose, please punish me towards the Well Suzu Hirose fan that I thought I" Do not shit "have stumbled in the chestnut Lingual to have been doing to wear stiletto in the room." Source % BC% E3% 83% AB & src = typd (Nippon Television Shabekuri 007) Result Suzu Hirose was a short cut hair wwwwww [Good news] Suzu Hirose, was cute Kanna Hashimoto's, wwwwwwwwwwwwww to no regular at the same time as the high school graduation Wye, to discover the account of the big brother of Suzu Hirose Haruka Ayase ← 31 Masami Nagasawa ← 29 Yui Aragaki ← 28 Toda Erika ← 28
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