Yuko Ogura, or divorce. The couple is estranged, her husband has not asked to be even tell me name just more than three months is born second child wwww

YukoRin last year August was pregnant a second child, reportedly a guest affair with junior idol of choline and Yu Kikuchi said in "Shukan Bunshun", husband and wife relationship fell into crisis. After the uproar, Kikuchi said had to appeal a reunited and "talked in the family. Really is not that are at odds." However, Kikuchi said in such a back attended the exclusive cabaret club, he had repeated rant about the phosphorus Yuko. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20170224-00010000-friday-ent Wye "us go drink sand!" Woman "Eeyo!" Wye "vacant day?" Woman "round. Hear or able to come to everyone?" [Yes] image result cut man in Chiba has questions to Shohei Otani wwwwwwwwwwwww Junior woman in the office who affair with Yuko Ogura of the husband, be wiped from the entertainment world Hitoshi Matsumoto "recently stupid idol do it well in order to have shaken talking to the moderator" Famisuta 2015 Itoi AAAAA
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