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1: The following, (^ o ^) / You will receive the VIP 2016/11/27 (Sun) 03: 18: 26.221 ID: Collection seems was the whole of less than one-third wwwwww wwwwww was good to go Warota www "Are you doing what doing now I I-kun?" A woman at the reunion woman around me, "public servants," "," Piku' Human relations reset habit some of the guy features Recommend that the human relationship to "cross-sectional捨離". Six of the Wake that should not be obsessed with old friends "Awful it", "I sad," "I super nice!", Such as the five button is mounted on the Facebook "Let's do the reunion after a long time!" Classmates LINE "Like!" "Let's do it!" I (absolute squid not I ... read only wearing ignored ignored ...)
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