Yui Aragaki reversal defeated “flattery was cuteness” of Satomi Ishihara in the “cuteness of natural posture”!

In the October start drama was enough of them had experienced unusual large reversal, Yui Aragaki starring drama "run away is a disgrace useful" but (TBS system). And 12.1% from the first viewing rate of 10.2%, was also leap about 2 points. However, "Arasa actress showdown" attention is Satomi Ishihara had starring drama as "quietly awesome! Reviewers Girl Etsuko Kono" (NTV), despite was the first time viewing rate 12.9% of the good start, the second story had retreated 11.2%. Entertainment reporter is "human nature of Ishihara and Aragaki is, may have been reflected in the viewing rate" continue this to say. But I think that it also affected "This character set, I'm in the cuteness of Ishihara is somehow" flattery and are feeling ". Even if looking at the behavior the way in the variety show, but yes, such a place the audience I think you're sensitive to Misukashi. settings Aragaki compared to it, natural posture. I think I'm attracted to the cute. also, "quietly to" as the setting of the drama, the impossible " "and boo has been flooded from engage people to reviewers. on the other hand," run away ~ "I am," I think that's why the point is extended to be able to sympathize with the wonder if I even if there is a marriage of this form "" ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://dailynewsonline.jp/article/1214417/ [There are spoilers] scene that left an impression in the Shingojira [Yes] image Saeko is winners a home public, give hope and dreams to the whole country of idols as the success of the original idle Candid advice to excessive entertainer tapping on Hitoshi Matsumoto net "the degree of freedom of the word is decreasing." [Sad news] Satomi Ishihara from being Friday wwwwwwwwwwwwww [Sad news] Sasa KiNozomi's, bring up that ridiculous
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