Job hunting students “dark and do not know the shoes!” Nouveau riche “You see, would have become bright.”

1: The following, (^ o ^) / VIP will send by 2016/10/05 (water) 21: 24: 24.813 ID: One night - <Park> Job hunting students, "Huh was ~ ...... also fell. Prayed was" Job hunting students (though I have taken everyone friend nomination, why ...... only I) Job hunting students (I I, I wonder if not required from society ...) Job hunting students, "Oh ...... Damn !!!" Bun' Supon'! Job hunting students (Yabe', shoes missing Suppo, somewhere had De' flying!) University "secret of job hunting success?" "It's freezing of single serving cups" I [Sad news] SEALDs members "see the job .... Why that can not be a job ...?" Job hunting students "work location is anywhere is okay!" Interviewer "law!" Companies "Yaro Hen Bale also with a little much ... lie" job hunting students "Yaro Hen Bale also with a little much ... lie." [Gubernatorial election] report Mr. Shuntaro Torigoe appeared to stearate, or from the behavior and facial expressions dementia? The topic and
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