(Daiwa) Daiwa reel SS air stream custom 7.1 development cooperation R-SLPW

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¥ 54,000

torrent-pioneer and Hiroyuki Motoyama, SLP works awaited the mountain stream-only tuning reels. Special purpose machine in as a baby it fines top rated “SS air” do the customization for stream-based on unparalleled finished here. Minho in the stream–of selected 7:01 gear ratio, and focuses on ease of use. Embed-only gear with drag clicker. In addition to the goodness of get returns of Baytril, cast accuracy performance is improved by private braketune. Leads to the encounter with the fish could not catch up to now. Winding length (handle 1/cm rotation): 71

gear ratio: 7.1 weight (g): 160
maximum drag force (kg): 4
standard winding yarn amount Frolov (lb.-m):8-50
bearings (ball/roller): 11 / 1
* brake is fixed with no inductrotor, has become very weak. .That magnetic brake use in the strong set.
drag clicker: faced with fish, in the sense of figuring out the drug fight during the extended line is actually the angler always have the initiative. And to stimulate the instincts of the angler than anything else. Is also fully enjoy encounters with trouts.
gear ratio 7:01: Minot-the speed setting in twitching everyone easy to direct the movement of the lure. In materials with a strength of approximately 1.3 times compared to the extra Super Duralumin spool and used as the strongest material of aluminum
Moon drug: with small diameter for was is to fine tuning is possible with touch sensitive due to its compact shape, easy to hold when you want to adjust the drag star drag.
UTD (altimettonamentodrug): adopted its own carbon washer and grease the braking first bite. Can handle without having to randomly set at the star drag evenly smooth lines start, fish suddenly dashed into the smooth, no hassles.
weight corkhandlnov & 80 mm carbon handlebar: Korkunov is a delicate operation possible and easy to operate, lightweight, easy to thumb with 80 mm carbon double handle.
11 BB specifications: handle Nov 2 BB and then add a ball bearing the number tunes from 9 to 11.
stream trautbraketune spool: cast accuracy to eliminate lag due to induct router working, such as the ability to respond to the difference between the type of cast, ultra short range even the immobilized induct rotors dare to cast in a variety of situations in a catchment for that setting. For controlling spool rotation in an extremely weak brake power, lightweight type that lures low trajectory, becomes possible. Cast accuracy improvement aiming at the brake torque in a variety of cast scenes in a mountain stream. In addition to the dress up part by
-only design:SLP WORKS, designed to stream custom body. Have a look, while using the “air concept” red splash of color to become familiar with in the field.
magdial: 0.5 increments in OFF-equipped with a dial gauge 20-step, 10. Wide range of adjustment, applicable to various larchoice in-.
speed shaft: structure during free spool spool and shaft are isolated, shaftless obtained high-rotation performance.
accessory: only fresh water wise minor 50 FS limited color “green stream”,

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