Kubo Taito “next work will want to draw something dark hero”

1: If the blows wind nameless @ (^ o ^) / 2016/08/31 ( water) 14: 12: 36.09 ID: VMZZ2O6 / 0.net Ishida ─ Do you have Toka next work of the initiative? Kubo ─ I do not especially (laughs). The next work is Have you ever thought how many times during the series I - Do not want to draw you want Do ~ This Let's draw it, but it is in my head empty thinking just to rest now. Ishida ─ Do you want such a rest Kubo ─ Well 15 years I wish I have serialized (laughs) Ishida ─ really? Nara, if not initiative, Do you have of me, "this I want to draw in the genre"? Kubo ─ I guess is what Dark Hero Ishida ─ whether Hey Dark Hero Kubo ─ Hey dark hero (laughs) Myself on the results we did, "Who are you" in the mirror I was working at the museum some questions? Goku and ram-chan of voice actor, "a copy of the play is a copy a copy of the recent young voice actor" [Image] recently, but I'm apparently in vogue is this kind of mask in Tokyo The results had to wait three hours in the hospital wwwwwwwwww
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