Junior woman in the office who affair with Yuko Ogura of the husband, be wiped from the entertainment world

Has published the "August 3 released" Shukan Bunshun. "Opponent served as a round girl, Sachiko Umakoshi has also appeared in variety shows. It is slender model forms of the idol. I met this year March 2 people, seems to have become a relationship to go immediately to the home of Umakoshi "(entertainment writer) The Shukan Bunshun, put the figure of Kikuchi in and out of the home of Umakoshi, further hit to Kikuchi. Kikuchi at a later date, and tell and illustrating the story in Kokura, Kokura that threw a weeping of Kikuchi mobile. At the time of the "August 2, rather than the name of the Umakoshi to the agency website, personal blog, Twitter also disappear. The one with the care comments from the fans there is what has been written. This remains entertainment you might also disappear from the field. or, ‥‥ either proceed to the road of adult industry "(weekly magazine reporter) ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://dailynewsonline.jp/article/1173806/ Or do Is there a hero is not to pinch any comic? You guys are writing what the profile of LINE comment it? [Good news] of the baby crying at night, solution is found ← or so "guy only a resolution is being shot for a good shooting"? [Yes] image young too cute of Yuriko Koike Warota wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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