Daiwa zillion SV TW 81XH Limited limited / dextral without [SV of DAIWA ZILLION of SLP WORKS TW]

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¥ 39,800

DAIWA SLP WORKS / Daiwa / SLP works ZILLION SV TW / zillion SV TW81XH Limited ★ Daiwa and SLP works with hands folded and assembled a limited number of zillion SV models. Body color is shiny black, purple decoration SLP 90 mm carbon handle handle; Suit your decorative purple knob knob parplegradieration SLP. This is the one difference with other anglers. ◆ gear ratio:8.1:1 ◆ take-up length: 86 cm • maximum drag: 5 kg • prudent: 205 g • line: 14 lb (45-90 m) 16 lb (40-80 m) zillion SV TW XH-SLPW and dextral without gear ratio /8.1:1
standard winding yarn amount (m) 14 lb/45 – 90 m 16 lb/40 – 80 m
/ coiling length (one rotation per handle) Max 86 cm
drag force / 5 kg
ball bearings / 10 Roller bearings / 1

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