It polished the ROLAND JC-40 guitar amplifier

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tradition, further evolution. JAZZ CHORUS is to the next generation.

Since its launch in 1975, guitar amp, which has attracted many of the guitarists in the iconic sound “JC clean”, JC series. Polished that tradition, more advanced of the 40W (20W + 20W) is a model JC-40 of. Become a unique stereo input specification as a guitar amp, also optimized to match the built-in effect also of contemporary music. On the other hand, the basic design of the twin-amplifier / speaker, tradition of clean tones and universal design, undeniably JAZZ CHORUS itself. Without being washed away in the era, yet do not forget to evolution. It is a guitar amplifier that embodies the identity of JC series.

iconic sound “JC clean”

world the only one, there is also a symbol of the JC series “JC clean”. ‘re Produce the sound you hear is the JC series own basic design called Twin amplifier / speaker. Inherit these traditions, the polished the JC-40. Birth to powerful sound while compact, also corresponding to the performance in the studio or on stage. Sound and original sound that the guitar has, and is a guitar amp that will faithfully amplify the personality of the guitarist.
unparalleled in the guitar amp stereo input corresponding Roland Jazz Chorus 40W combo amp
compact and easy-to-use 40W (20W + 20W) model
world is just one of the iconic sound “JC Clean”
unparalleled in the guitar amp stereo input specification
universal design and robust design

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