Mezamashi exiled Yumi Makino Ana Aqua, is appointed to the program MC of tele east

He served as the main caster of "Mezamashi", Makino of free announcer who attracted attention as "too cute Ana" Yumi, variety program "carefully heard Taro ~ Stars to start from July 7 at TV Tokyo series (Thursday) recent (secret) report - "(24: 12-25: 00) became the MC of. "I will do my best so as not pull on the leg!" In to place a press conference after the first recording and told enthusiasm. Now renewed the "listen only talk Iwantoitei ~ here elsewhere (secret) restaurant -" being broadcast at the agency, from chopped star name in entertainment history to entertainers that are currently dominating, various celebrities gathered, financial situation, scandal, focused on the illness, debt-tumble life, reveal the fact impact the show. Following the "elsewhere ~", Jun Nagura (Neptune) and Junichi Kawamoto (deputy director manager) also serves as the MC. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source [AKB48] director of Star Wars was trying to cast a member to a movie in the AKB fan history 10 years [Breaking] appeared to spit Crow Mezamashi "Young people of the TV away from" true? To 2,000 questionnaire too Fuji serious is topic [Good news] early Shacho voice actor debut Kita ━━━━ (≧ ∇ ≦) ━━━━ !! Grand Blue fantasy billing Gacha problem, featured in Mezamashi.
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