I get “cosigner to become in” Once refused the request of a close friend edge off likely … What happened?

If that was asked me become a guarantor from a close friend, how do you I do correspondence. The net of the bulletin board, "perhaps Do likely expired edge with its best friend When you refused. Should we accept," said the voice of the trouble had been confided. On the other hand, "absolute Akan. Become if he prepared in should Ya De become to borrow", "creditors Ya do that is capable of collection from the guarantor at any time for no reason. Humans who do not know this thing is easily mark the Tsukiyoru "and warning comments had been posted. ● As long as there is no resolution that he behalf pay if you did not pay a person would be a good thing not to be a guarantor, it should not become the guarantor. In a mild word "guarantor", it should not be a easy. In many cases, it says, such as "Never bother" to the borrower'll become guarantor, itself that is said in this way, I think that over a "nuisance". Then, when the person is fails to pay, you can be charged to the guarantor. While himself escape the responsibility and the like bankruptcy, been blamed guarantor from family and relatives, there are many tragedies, such as cut off the life. So, it is safe better the guarantor does not become absolutely. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source https://www.bengo4.com/shakkin/1045/li_222/ [Image] There marriage partner, Komiya raw也社length of Saki Aibu (36) wwwwwwwwwwwww 43♀ But I also debt 2,000,000, want to break up with her ​​husband after you organize debt and home sale because there two children ... It has been escaped when lending money Warota What if asked me to become a guarantor to a close friend? It is dangerous I guarantor?
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